Red is the colour of choice for Fall 2017 and we’re here to give you all the details! Red-to-toe isn’t just about adding a splash of colour to an outfit – it’s about a pattern-free, all-over matching head (or red!) to toe outfit. This trend is perfect for those of you that like to make a statement with their clothing. Red is not only powerful and bold, but it evokes romance, happiness and confidence.

Designers are embracing this trend with it being seen on the Fall 2017 catwalks of Fendi and Max Mara. Arguably, Givenchy was the designer house most invested in the red-to-toe trend with their first collection without Riccardo Tisci being all-red.

The trend is diverse with styles to cater to every need, whether it’s a red coat with a matching bag and boots, a top and skirt combination or just a simple red dress. Regarding celebrity style when it comes to this trend, Bella Hadid is the ultimate inspiration in her red jumpsuit, trench coat and tinted sunglasses. Arizona Muse also has her own take on the trend, combining a vivid red dress with a darker red coat.


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Blog By Lucy Mceachnie