We might only be in the middle of Summer, but it’s time to start looking at Fall trends. With the dazzle trend, designers are hoping for the return of nights out and dressing up rather than spending your night watching Netflix. This trend featured on the catwalks of Saint Laurent, Balmain, and Paco Rabanne and makes a statement with metallics, chainmail, crystal mesh and sequins. Mostly geared toward evening wear, it’s all about ramped-up glamour.

The dazzle trend isn’t just limited to clothing, with shoes and accessories getting the glitter treatment as well. This is something Rihanna picked up on – who was spotted in Saint Laurent’s Swarovski encrusted boots, a mere five days after their catwalk debut. In addition, it can be seen in the futuristic trend that has also emerged for Fall – Space Chic. No one has embraced this more than Chanel, who had a rocket launchpad in the middle of the Grand Palais.

How will you be wearing this trend with Fall comes?

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-Blog by Lucy Mceachnie