LIFE’S A BEACH: Swimwear Trends 2017


Summer is upon us and with summer comes, SWIMWEAR! Every year we scour the stores and the internet for the perfect swimsuit that makes just the right statement. Whether on a vacation or just lounging by the pool, the perfect suit can make you feel like a beach goddess. Swimwear has a way of changing every year similarly to trend shifts in our clothing…

And speaking of clothing, there is one trend that has been showing up on just about everything and now it’s making its way to swimwear. Tassels!

These fun little ornaments make every task enjoyable, so much color and movement can add a fun flare to a simple suit. Another trend we see sneaking into the world of swimwear is crochet. This twist on a traditional swimsuit makes you feel like you just stepped back in time. Found in all cuts, colors, and patterns, these crochet beauties are made of  thicker fabric that can make any woman feel secure in her second skin. The saying, ‘history repeats itself’ is one of the most accurate quotes in the fashion world, and swimwear is no exception. One piece swimsuits have made their appearance once more and they are found in every color and pattern. We see these modest suits in sexy cuts with laced up sides, plunging necklines and low, and exposed backs. The classic one piece got a face lift and boy, do they look good.

Another way to keep a covered, yet expose some skin, is a more modest cut with sheer panels and and mesh covered “cut outs”. These fun suits are great if you don’t mind the insane tanlines.

You’re wearing these suits to look good laying out and in pictures anyways, aren’t you?

Step outside of your comfort zone this summer season!

They do say everyone has a bikini body, you just need 1. a body and 2. a bikini.

Confidence is all it takes.



By: Lauren Booher




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