THE EVERYDAY CELEBRITY: The Styles They Blessed Us With


While surfing the internet, trying my best to avoid everything I should’ve done a week ago (I mean we all procrastinate, right?),  I stumbled upon an article about some very influential women from our past and was immediately inspired. Sure we all love Beyonce and the Kardashians because they’re so entertaining, but these women were just as big of a deal in their era for breaking the mold and wearing….. Are you ready for it? PANTS!


These women became the face of magazines around the nation for doing and wearing what they wanted, which included some trends that became timeless and are still followed today. These women were students of universities across America and were referred to as The Seven Sisters colleges. These iconic women attended Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Vassar, Mount Holyke, Radcliffe, Smith, and Wellesley College (these colleges were established in the 19th century before women were allowed to attend Harvard and Yale).


Not only did these colleges produce some lasting names in our history books, but also gave us the menswear trends that have come full circle into 2017. The men of these Ivy League schools had their own preppy style, but the loveable preppy pieces we all know and love for spring and summer come straight from the women who kicked the fashion “status quo” to the curb and developed their own style!


Number 1: Bermuda shorts. These were known to be a unisex fit and began making their appearance on the Seven Sisters campuses in the 1930s. They became so popular that in 1959, Barnard announced that the girls could only wear skirts. This was labelled by The New York Times as a couture crisis. But this trend wasn’t limited to just the warmer months; the girls would pair these shorts with tall socks and tights in the winter.


Number 2: Loafers. We see loafers on every corner now and can thank the men for this current trend, but now we can thank the women who wore it first. Ladies, I am so glad they did! Loafers have proven to be a timeless shoe that can be worn between both men and women.


Number 3: Closet essentials. These are the pieces that all of us consider a staple in our closets: cardigans, denim, and button downs. Let’s start with a crowd favorite: cardigans. Not only have they have withstood the test of time, they have transitioned from being an item that needed to be worn a simple, classic way to a stylish piece you can throw over any outfit to look fashionable. With cardigans making their way to a more casual look, denim and button downs also transformed into more relaxed pieces as seen worn as uniforms across college campuses because of their comfort and up-and-coming style.


There are so many ways to use these pieces above to create a perfect outfit for the workplace or for casual wear. If only we could meet these stylish and daring sisters to tell them “Thank you!” for starting such an inspirational fashion movement so many years ago. If you want to learn more about this movement, check out Seven Sisters Style to learn exactly how these women made these styles stand out against the crowd!


By: Lauren Booher







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