Denim has been around since 1871 and during those 146 years, denim has become a crowd favorite. It has changed with every passing decade and we are now experiencing a comeback of some of our favorite styles from the past. Some of these comebacks include: high-waisted jeans and shorts, denim overalls, denim jackets, the boyfriend jean, the mom jean, flares, and even skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans seem to be staying for awhile, but even they too once made a comeback. Skinny jeans got their start in the 19th century as a slim fit trouser among the higher class, they hit the scene again in the 1950s under a different name, cigarette pants. Musicians and actors were the ones who reintroduced these jeans and they’ve seemed to stick with us ever since.

Flares are a product of the 1960s and 1970s. Sonny and Cher are to blame for this one becoming popular after wearing them on their television show The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. Flare jeans began to flare at the knee and opened up at the bottom to a whopping 26 inches. Bell bottoms for sure!

Boot cut style jeans are the tapered down cousin of the flares and are a staple cut of denim in most everyone’s’ closet. So, if that 26 inches at the bottom of your leg is a tad intimidating, try the bootcut, same effect of a slight flare from the knee down, just not as major.

Moving onto 1980s which is where us millennials are get our band tees, leg warmers and distressed denim of any kind.

I sure wish my mom had kept all her clothes from high school so I could’ve saved some money on this one. Mom jeans and boyfriends jeans were a huge hit in the 1980s. The high-waisted cut was tight around the small of the waist and totally baggy everywhere else. Paired with a cropped sweatshirt and you fit in perfectly.

I believe the best thing to ever happen to the world of denim however, is the denim jacket. The denim jacket has been around through all of these decades and kept evolving to adapt to the fashion of the decade. Slim fitting and masculine to very oversized and distressed, all of these styles have made their return to our closets today and can be found just about anywhere we shop. Denim is so diverse and there is a wash, cut and style for everyone. Jeans are worn everyday in my life and I don’t see that changing. They’ve been around since fashion began and are here to stay. Now, you know I can’t talk about denim without leaving you guys with this.


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Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 2.50.22 PM.png

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Blog by: Lauren Booher

#LooksForLess by: Diana True

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