Meet Kari

Hello everyone and welcome to a new year! I was born in Houston, Texas but raised in a small town called Florence, South Carolina. I am currently attending school at the University of South Carolina while majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Retail Fashion. I am a junior and I am absolutely in love with this path that I have chosen.

I have always been a fashion fanatic, always getting a hold of any magazine I could. I also love finding new fashion tips as well as giving all my friends fashion advice. Growing up, I fell in love with the movies Pretty Lady and The Devil Wears Prada; I have always wanted to blog about fashion and now I actually get the chance to do so! In my free time, I love to catch up on the latest fashion trends, watching E News, and playing around with new styles.

I am so excited to get a chance to share my love for fashion and to intern for such a great team at the same time!


Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 6.12.10 PM.png



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