Meet Lauren

​Hi guys, my name is Lauren Booher!
 I am originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana but moved to a small town in Kentucky right before I began middle school. 

I grew up loving fashion, trying out all the new trends, and seeing all the incredible pieces all my celebrity icons were rocking. In a small southern town, though, the hottest trends aren’t exactly something that everyone gets excited about. 

In high school, I went through all four years having my heart set on becoming a dentist. So, I packed my bags and started the nerve-racking journey that is college. The second half of my freshman year, I began taking the science course required for my pre-dental degree. I dreaded the course and longed for it to all be over—that was my sign that I needed to make a serious change. I decided to become a communication major and here I am, a junior in college, laying the foundation for a career as a public relations representative in the fashion industry. I couldn’t think of a career that could be more up my alley or more of a perfect combination: people and fashion. Getting to share my love for fashion with people who are as passionate as me is a dream come true.

Plus, we all want to look like our favorite movie stars, so what better place for you to be!



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