Saddle Bag Look For Less Give-away

Saddle Bag Look For Less Give-away

I call this the “When its 50 degrees in the mornings and 85 in the afternoon and the weather literally will not cooperate long enough for you to wear only one outfit in the day look…” JK

This outfit is probably as perfect for this weather as you can get. The crazy weather doesn’t last too long but it is just long enough to consider a whole new wardrobe.

The shirt is thin and great for layering later into the winter too!

And this bag…

When I saw Beyonce carrying the Chloe dupe of this cross-body bag I HAD to find one like it.

Of course the leather is not real but I mean this is the perfect bag for fall and for the price you’ll want to order it in every color!

We are giving this exact bag away to one lucky Instagram follower!

Go to our Instagram @sawitonscreen
Tag 3 friends
Follow @sawitonscreen
And you are entered to win this bag!


Diana True


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