The Kardashian’s Return to Social Media, Minus Kim

The Kardashian's Return to Social Media, Minus Kim

It looks like the Kardashians have made a full return to social media, a week after Kim Kardashian was gagged, restrained, and robbed in her Paris apartment.

The Kardashians, who are known to have a strong social media presence, went quiet on most of their social media accounts after the incident.

Yesterday, Khloe made her first appearance back on Snapchat, posting an adorable snap of her and Mason using a Snapchat filter. Kourtney also joined her, making a return to Instagram yesterday. She posted a video taken from Snapchat of her and Khloe working out. The video was captioned “Jane and Suzzane…back at it again with the workout snaps.”

As for Kendall and Kylie, Kylie was the first Kardashian to break the social media silence. A day after the incident Kylie posted a bae-watch throwback photo of herself in Turks and Caicos celebrating her birthday. The picture was captioned “Looking back at the Turks.” Kylie received some heat for the post, fans calling it “insensitive” for her to post a picture of herself less than 24 hours after her sister’s traumatic experience. Kendall a few days later, posted a picture of herself in a Saint Laurent heart cape and captioned it, “low key look”. Kendall did not receive any backlash for the post.

Kim is still silent and has yet to make a statement to the public. Khloe who recently made an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, told the show host, Ellen DeGeneres that Kim is“not doing that well” and that “it will take time.” Also, when asked if the family’s social media platforms are shut down now, Khloe responded “I think it is just a wakeup call to make a lot of life adjustments. But this is a really serious matter, and for Kim, I think that’s really personal as to when that emotional terror – you could move on from that.” She also added that they will pullback a little when it comes to sharing their lives on social media.

Catch Khloe’s full interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday October 11 th.

Written by Rose Lauture

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