Grammys 2016 Style and Looks For Less


The Grammys has one of the most anticipated red-carpet arrivals of award season and it is the award show to be at if you’re a Hollywood starlet.

If you have ever tried to look up what some of these stars are wearing you will not believe the price tags, and you won’t even be able to buy most of it because it’s ‘custom made’ for that specific star.

This year alone we saw custom gowns from Vera Wang, Versace, Calvin Klein,Armani and more. When I searched for the ‘Armani Prive Collection’, which was worn by Kacey Musgraves Monday night, I wasn’t allowed to access the ‘Prive’ section of the website. To access this collection you have to be granted access and given a username and password..didn’t ask me if I wanted an account or anything. I tried to crack the code a few times but failed… that was when it hit me…

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